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It's the year 213 BC and the great city of Syracuse is under Siege. The Roman Empire is trying to conquer the city. You have been chosen to help Archimedes to defend the city using the power of the sun. Use the reflective mirror to create a beam of light that will destroy the floating Roman ships. There are five waves of ships that will try to reach the city. You have to destroy them all to win the game. Keep an eye on the temperature of the mirror, if it gets too hot you will need to wait for it to cool down.


The controls are simple:

  • Use the D-pad to navigate through the menus.
  • Press the A button to select an item in the menus.
  • Hold down the A button to skip the intro and tutorial.
  • Use the Crank or D-Pad to adjust the angle of the light beam in the game.
  • Press the A button repeatedly to speed up the cooling of the mirror.


  • Download the game.
  • Log in to your Playdate Account at play.date.
  • Go to the Sideload page.
  • Drag or select the .pdx (or zipped file) to upload it.
  • Go to the Games Menu in the Settings of your Playdate and download the new game.
  • Run the game.

Issues? No worries check out the offical sideloading guide from Panic.


  • Adjusted balance of the game.
  • Added information about the current wave.
  • Improved performance.
  • Added dynamic difficulty.
  • Added new sound for hitting boats with the ray.
  • Fixed a bug where the sound of the gear was playing on repeat.
  • Reduced file size of the game.
  • Added wrapping pattern.
  • Added game card.
  • Added game icon.
  • Fixed bugs.
  • Adjusted balance.
  • Initial version with most features but not optimized and unbalanced.


📆 First published on 2024-05-08

🦖 We believe that this game is suitable for most people. The game involves war, but there is no visual violence.

🚹 This game uses the Crank and A Button, but can also be played with the D-Pad and A Button.


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siege-of-syracuse-playdate.zip 9.9 MB
Version 0.6.0

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Great game, love the water effects

Thank you! :)